-What is the difference between a window and a wall/sleeve air conditioner?

A window air conditioner vents the hot air differently than a wall air conditioner. If you are
installing a wall air conditioner you must measure your existing opening or sleeve currently in

-I am a business owner and would like to cool off my store? What are some things I need to know before purchasing my unit?

Where is the unit going? Is it going above the front door? If so, you need to measure the
opening that’s there. If there is none, then measure the top part of the door. Are there roll
down gates? What’s the square footage of the store? Do you have refrigerators heating up the
store? Are there extra computers that need to stay cool?

-What’s the difference between new and factory refurbished?

A factory refurbished machine can be as new as a new one. It is a machine that was returned to
a factory authorized repair center for a minor repair such as a dent, knob, or thermostat and
then sent to a dealer such as us. These units can be as much as 40% less than purchasing a new
unit. This is a tremendous savings. The warranty is still through a factory authorized center.

-How Often Should I Service My Unit?

Your A/C unit should generally be service twice a year, around Spring& Fall to assure it is
working at its peak performance.

-How Close Should I Plant Shrubs Near My Outdoor Unit?

Shrubs should not be closer than 18 inches to your outdoor unit. To operate efficiently the unit
needs space to take in and blow out air.

-Heat Pump?

A Heat Pump, a reverse cycle air conditioner, cools and heats by moving heat in or out of your
It can work with natural gas, oil , or an LP gas furnace.

-What Size System Do I Need For My Home?

Many things can determine the size capacity system your home requires. For example: Living
area of house, climate, humidity, insulation, direction of home. Air Central Inc. can do an
energy analysis of your home and help you decide what your energy needs are for your home.

-When Should I Replace My Air Conditioner?

Air conditioners, like other machines will wear out over time and become inefficient. This
results in higher electrical costs. If your system is more than 10 years old, contact Air Central

-What Setting Should I Set My Thermostat On?

Find a comfortable automatic setting for your home thermostat and try to leave it there.
Turning your thermostat off when you leave for work can be counter productive. You will spend
more energy trying to re-cool or re-heat your house than if you had not adjusted your
thermostat in the first place.

-How Often Should I Change Or Clean My Filter?

Replace or clean your air filter regularly. Every month if possible, particularly if you have
pets in your home. A clogged filter restricts airflow and as a result your air conditioner will
work longer to maintain the temperature. Likewise, have your air ducts cleaned every few years

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