Air Central is dedicated to solving your heating problems quickly, efficiently and
inexpensively. We install the latest, most energy efficient heating systems
available. Air Central Inc. installers receive extensive training in the installation
and care of your equipment.
The heating market is full of brands and models claiming to be the best and
most efficient. Air Central, is ready to help you select the most efficient system
for your home or business to meet your comfort needs.
If your furnace is old, worn out, inefficient, or over sized, an Air Central Inc.
technician can replace it with a high efficient model.
Many homes still rely on older boilers and furnaces to provide heat. These
systems are much less energy efficient and less reliable than systems available
today. Older boilers are rated at 50-55% AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization
Efficiency). 45-50 cents of every heating dollar is wasted by system
New boilers have an 84-87% AFUE and can cut energy costs by 33%. A new
boiler can pay for itself in fuel savings in the first two to three years. Converting
from electric to hot water heat, fuel costs can be cut by over 50%.

* Radiant floor heating
* Infrared space heating
* Gas furnaces
* High efficiency gas boilers