Basic Maintenance

Change pleated filters every 6-7 weeks.
Change media type air filters once per cooling season and once per heating season.
Keep baseboards and radiators clean.
Have your system tuned up and checked out once per season. The average AC system runs 800-1000
hours a year, which is the equivalent of putting 30,000 miles on a car in a year.
Troubleshooting AC Systems

Troubleshooting AC Systems

Make sure the thermostat is set correctly.
Turn off the system then reset circuit breakers.
Check the outside unit. Make sure it is free of all vegetation and gets proper ventilation. Trim back
overhanging bushes and shrubs to prevent heat from being recalculated (which can increase operating
costs 20-30%).
Check the filters to make sure they are clean.
Check for ice on the pipes of the outside AC unit. Turn the unit off and call for service if you see ice.
If your AC and heating system are linked, verify that the furnace switch and Emergency switch are
turned on (even if it’s hot outside).
Call for service after checking these items.

Troubleshooting Heating Systems

No heat: Verify Emergency Switch is turned ON.
Verify that the gas valve is turned to the “ON” position.
Verify that the pilot light is lit. Re-light the pilot light, if the equipment is so equipped, per the
manufacturer’s specifications.
Call for service after checking these items.
Indoor Air Quality

Heating Self Maintenance (Gas Heating Appliances)

Change fiberglass filters every 3-4 weeks.
Change pleated filters every 6-7 weeks.
Keep Windows and Doors closed when system is running.
Caulk and weather strip to close air gaps. Open drapes and shades over windows facing sun.
During cooling season, don’t wash/dry clothes during warmest times of day (late morning and afternoon).
When cooking, use exhaust fan only as needed. Keep thermostat at desired setting.
Turn down the thermostat at night and when your away from home.
Change media type air filters once a heating season.
Gas furnaces should be tuned up once a season.